Why I won’t spend the winter in Thailand a second time — arguments of a Russian

Commentary by a Russian man about his experience of wintering in Thailand, published on the Tinkoff Journal website

Why I won’t spend the winter in Thailand a second time — arguments of a Russian

Here is a translation of a comment by a Russian man about his experience of wintering in Thailand.

In 2021 I decided to try spending the winter somewhere else than Russia.

I read a lot of different stories, but until you try it yourself, you won’t understand your feelings. It may turn out that in reality it’s not at all like you imagine.

I went to Thailand in December. I spent the first month with my friends in Phuket, which was fun. The second month I traveled around the country by myself — also fascinating. The third month, I went back to Phuket again.

To be honest, the same thing every day was boring. Well the sea and the sea — here it is, near, you want — you swim, no so no. In December the sea in Phuket is just paradise. But at the end of January in the water and on the beach were seaweed, through which you have to wade to swim. Also in the sea and on the beach were a lot of dead jellyfish with a diameter of 5 to 45 centimeters.

While in Patong you walk to the beach or back, you will be offered thirty times a cab, massage, prostitutes, buy a suit. They will block the road and will touch different places, if only you agree to their miserable massage or go to the bar. Every day it’s really annoying. In December it was especially horrible, in February the harassers were less intrusive. In Bangkok I did not see this at all, in Pattaya too.

I did not like Pattaya at all. The sea is a bad smelling swamp on all the beaches.

The beaches in Pattaya are not very popular, you have to take a boat to the neighboring island for beaches. I noticed that in Pattaya there are a lot of elderly Europeans, who are in the morning sitting in bars with Thai women — maybe that’s why they go there. Also, there are a lot of wild dogs. The main attraction in Pattaya is the wooden Temple of Truth, which is worth seeing. Also a good water park. But for the rest I did not understand why there was built such a huge resort.

For myself, I concluded that I can get tired of anything — even a place with a paradisiacal landscape. After a while, when you get around the neighborhood and visited most of the excursions, the euphoria of the first impression wears off. You begin to see the normal life of ordinary people, go to the same stores for groceries, eat in the same cafes. And it’s no different from life anywhere else.

Constant +32 ° C and high humidity are cool only on vacation. With a long stay it is boring to take a shower after any exit to the street. And all the time to sleep with an air conditioner is not a pleasure. Although I tolerate any climate perfectly, with health no problems.

Internet there is good, but expensive. Public transport leaves a lot to be desired. Cabs are expensive, about the same as in Moscow. I begin to realize how developed, convenient, and understandable public transport is in my native Tyumen, Moscow, or St. Petersburg.

Inexpensive food is only local. I like Thai cuisine but gradually you start to miss cheese, smoked meat and other familiar products. Cheese there is only imported, in December 2021 it cost from 2000 rubles per kilogram, with sausages the same story — only imported and very expensive.

Kefir, cottage cheese, sour cream and other sour-milk products do not exist there in principle. Normal ice cream is only imported “Magnat”. The local ice cream is made without any milk from some chemicals, and it tastes disgusting. Chocolate is also only imported. “Ritter-sport”, for example, costs from 75 baht — about 180 rubles if discounted. The rest of the chocolate is even more expensive.

I spent more than twice as much on food in Thailand as I do in Russia for the same amount of time.

By the way, tea there is also sold mainly only in large stores, the choice is small, and the price is 3-4 times higher than in Russia. It’s the same story with coffee. But fruit is great! Very juicy and tasty. But having tried many things, again I mostly bought only watermelons, mandarins, sometimes mango and pineapple.

In general, for me a month in one place is enough, and then you need to change the location. In addition to beautiful pictures, there are many things that remain behind the scenes and begin to have a significant impact after some time. But the beautiful pictures outside the window are just as boring as any other. I didn’t think I’d ever say this, but how nice that I had a job that helped distract me from the Thai everyday life.

With pleasure I will go soon for a month to my beloved St. Petersburg. In Thailand, too, will go, but perhaps not for such a long period. I will definitely visit Bangkok again: it is very unusual and interesting there, and two weeks were not enough for me to get to know the city even halfway. Now I know what’s interesting for me in Thailand, what’s not, what places I haven’t seen yet, and what I would love to see again. And, of course, I need to get a category A license, a motorcycle is a useful thing there.

To live in Thailand — definitely not. Because permanent residence means medical care, cultural activities, kindergartens, schools, and housing. And with these issues it is unlikely to be as good or better than in Russia. I compare with Russia because I have never lived anywhere else for such a long time, Thailand is my first long trip.

On the other hand, what is a minus for one person may be a plus for another. No matter how many stories you read, until you try it yourself, you won’t know.


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