Vietnam is the only fully open country in Southeast Asia

Only one country in Southeast Asia has opened international tourism without any restrictions — Vietnam

Vietnam is the only fully open country in Southeast Asia

It was announced by Harry Hwang, executive director of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), at an online conference on tourism in South Korea and added that, to date, only 52 countries in the world have fully opened their borders to foreign tourists. Vietnam is one of the four open countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

“Foreign tourists entering Vietnam do not need to undergo quarantine, present vaccination certificates or negative results of the Covid test,” Hwang Sieu, deputy head of Vietnam’s National Tourism Administration, confirmed at the conference. “Foreigners do not need to submit health declarations before entering, and the domestic tourism market is also experiencing a rapid recovery after the reopening,” Sieu said.

Tourism in the Asia-Pacific region is recovering slowly because many source markets have not yet fully resumed tourism, Hwang explained. Experts predict that the outlook for the Asia-Pacific region’s recovery will also be slower. A return to pre-pandemic levels probably won’t happen until 2024 at the earliest.

The Vietnamese government has allowed entry without quarantine since March 15 and resumed visa waivers for citizens of 24 countries, including Japan, South Korea, and some European countries.

In 2019, before the pandemic began, Vietnam welcomed a record 18 million foreign tourists. This year, Vietnam is targeting five million foreign visitors.

In Southeast Asia, Thailand resumed tourism earlier than Vietnam, but there are still some Covid restrictions. Foreign tourists in Thailand must show proof of vaccinations and apply for Thailand Pass online before arrival. However, the Thai government has announced that this requirement will be waived as of July 1. Indonesia also requires foreign tourists to show vaccination certificates.

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