Where to vacation in Thailand and what resort is better to choose for your vacation?

Thailand can offer recreation for all tastes and wallets, there are many cities and islands with rich history, beautiful nature and ancient sights.

Thailand beckons people from all over the world, promising a paradise fairy tale. It is here waiting for you the snow-white beaches and a sea of entertainment, recreation of the highest category and unforgettable emotions. Of course, much will depend on what kind of resort you choose, so today we will tell you where to rest in Thailand.

The choice of a place to stay largely determines how you spend your vacation. Some want only to lie on the beach, others — to entertain the night away, and others — to explore the country length and breadth. Conventionally, resorts in Thailand can be divided into beach and sightseeing, but this does not mean that the beach resorts are no excursions, and from big cities can not go to the paradise islands.

Beach Resorts in Thailand: Features and Differences

Where to vacation in Thailand and what resort is better to choose for your vacation?


The undisputed leader of all Thai resorts and a real Mecca of beach holidays. This tropical island attracts with its picturesque and perfect beaches. There is a clear sea and coral reefs, tropical greenery and comfortable bays, waterfalls and coconut plantations, mangrove jungle and thermal springs.

However, for such a beauty and pay a little more: the prices are higher than in other resorts. Another drawback: despite the fact that the island is connected to the mainland with two bridges, for a more complete acquaintance with the culture and traditions of Thailand is still better to choose another resort. However, from Phuket you can go to the famous islands of Phi Phi, where the movie “The Beach” was filmed, or visit the Similan Islands, which according to UNESCO rankings are among the ten most beautiful islands in the world.

White Sands Beach, Koh Chang

Ko Chang

The second (after Phuket) largest island in Thailand. The remoteness from civilization and quiet measured life — that’s what attracts tourists in Ko Chang. Here you will find almost untouched nature, snow-white beaches and the charm of natural treasures. Life here is so quiet that it seems as if time has stopped.

Get a closer look at the beauty of the island, you can go on excursions to uninhabited islands, caves and jungles, as well as doing mountain hiking. This place is also ideal for exploring the life of the inhabitants of fishing villages.

Krabi, Thailand


A relatively new resort, not yet as “promoted” as Pattaya and Phuket, but definitely worthy of attention. It is especially loved by fans of windsurfing and rock climbing. There are not many beaches, but they are very picturesque and clean. Krabi’s calling card — Khao Khanap-Nam Caves — the pride of the province and its special symbol. They can be reached by water. The national parks and temple-museum Wat Klong Tom, with its collection of rocks, utensils, coins and tools over 500 years old, are also worth a visit!

In short, come here is worthwhile for a beach holiday, and for active recreation. Especially since the prices are quite reasonable, and the experience — unforgettable!

Lamai Beach, Koh Samui


The main competitor of Phuket, but it is a place for those who like a quiet and secluded vacation. On the beaches of Samui there are few people, and the feeling is as if you found yourself in a beautiful paradise from an attractive picture in a travel brochure. Quiet, calm, the opportunity to be alone with yourself or with your loved one away from the hustle and bustle — Samui is ideal for such a holiday.

However, if you suddenly feel like unwinding, look at the beach Chaweng, Lamai or Bo Phut. There are a lot of bars, restaurants and clubs, you can dance all night under the open sky, and during the day to surf and scuba dive.

Hua Hin, Thailand

Hua Hin

The oldest resort in Thailand. For more than a hundred years, the royal family has been constantly vacationing here. The name of their residence — the summer palace built by Rama VII — means “away from the hustle and bustle”, which reflects the spirit of the place. There’s no partying, no hectic pace, and no loud crowds, but you can take a break from the stress and hustle and bustle. The hotels in Hua Hin are spaced far enough away to allow you lots of privacy and contemplation.

If you want you can visit picturesque caves, a national park or a night market. But the rest in Hua Hin can not be the most expensive, because the hotels here are quite high level.

Cities in Thailand: where to vacation?

Bangkok, Thailand


The capital of Thailand, a million metropolis, where there is a striking skyscrapers and beautiful Buddhist temples, as well as a huge number of attractions, worth seeing with their own eyes. Even people who live in big cities can be unusual noise and bustle of Bangkok, but this city must be included in your travel plan, and preferably make it the first item, because after the quiet and peaceful beach towns and paradise islands Bangkok stuns: difficult to keep up with its frantic pace at first.

Temples of Thailand’s capital are known throughout the world. Experienced tourists say that if you were in Thailand and did not visit the Royal Palace of Bangkok, then consider that you have wasted your time. And, of course, this city is impossible to imagine without the crazy nightlife and shopping: there is everything for the soul and body.

Pattaya, Thailand


Another world famous resort, also popular among tourists. This is the place to go for entertainment: you can’t find so many Go-Go bars, nightclubs and all sorts of shows anywhere else (except maybe in Bangkok). However, although Pattaya is known as the “city of sins”, there are many children’s activities: amusement parks, water parks, parks, sports and water places for recreation, and there is something to see and wonder (park orchids, crocodile farm, beautiful temples and places of power). If you do not like to sit still and crave new emotions, then you should go to Pattaya!

Lopburi, Thailand


Another city, though not very big, but it has its own unique history and identity. It is believed that it was founded before the VII century, so that Lopburi is rightly considered the oldest city in Thailand. By the way, it used to be the capital of Siam. Therefore, the first thing worth seeing here are the ancient ruins and temples.

However, tourists from all over the world come here not only for that. Lopburi is home to a lot of macaques, so this place is also known as the “city of monkeys”. However, the tailed inhabitants are not as friendly as you would like them to be, but this does not stop the visitors from coming here again and again.

The best months to visit Lopburi are the end of November during the festival of monkeys and December, when the sunflower festival is held here. But keep in mind that in any case, it makes no sense to come here for a long time, and even more so to make this city the main place of stay: there are no beaches for recreation, and in the evenings can be quite boring.

Thailand can offer recreation for every taste and purse, there are many cities and islands with a rich history, beautiful nature and ancient sights. Each place has its own characteristics — choose what suits you!


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