Smoking marijuana is legal in Thailand starting June 9, 2022

Police officers will not be arrested for smoking marijuana in Thailand starting June 9, the official day of cannabis legalization

Smoking marijuana is legal in Thailand starting June 9, 2022

Police officers in Thailand have been warned about the legalization of marijuana and informed of changes to the drug law and the removal of cannabis from the list of illegal drugs. Police won’t be able to arrest anyone for cannabis possession after June 9, when cannabis was officially removed from the category five drug list, the Drug Enforcement Administration said.

The Drug Enforcement Administration has clarified to police officers across the country that cannabis will not be considered an illegal drug in most cases beginning June 9. On that day, an update to the list of illegal drugs published by the Thai Ministry of Health in the Feb. 9 Royal Gazette went into effect.

Updating the list of banned drugs and removing cannabis from the list means that cannabis production, import, export, distribution, consumption and possession will be officially legalized in Thailand.

However, oil extracts of cannabis containing more than 0.2 percent tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the main psychoactive compound in cannabis, are still considered a Category 5 substance and are regulated by laws relating to drug control and interdiction.

«If police officers find any products containing cannabis oil that are not certified by the Food and Drug Administration, police can seize those products for subsequent testing in a laboratory for THC content before charges can be filed against violators,» a Drug Enforcement Administration spokesperson said.

Police will not be able to arrest anyone who owns cannabis or grows the plant for personal use.

However, while it is legal to grow cannabis at home, the law prohibits the use of female cannabis inflorescences, known as «buds» or «cannabis caps,» as an ingredient in cooking.