Bangkok’s Heisenberg produced 3,000 ecstasy pills a day

Chemical engineer arrested in Thailand for manufacturing ecstasy and methamphetamine in a home chemistry lab

Bangkok’s Heisenberg produced 3,000 ecstasy pills a day

The prime suspect in a case involving the distribution of ecstasy pills and crystal methamphetamine to tourists at entertainment venues in the city was arrested over the weekend in suburban Bangkok, Kaodi reports.

The capital’s anti-drug unit of the police received information about the sale of ecstasy pills in Bangkok’s entertainment establishments. Operatives discovered that a criminal group had emerged in the city engaged in the production and sale of drugs in the city.

As a result of an organized surveillance operation, drug police officers detained one of the dealers in a nightclub. The retail seller of ecstasy pills was arrested and taken to the police station for questioning. The detainee told investigators where he took the drugs to sell and who the alleged local «Heisenberg» was.

At the specified address in the Bangkok suburb of Nonthaburi on Saturday, June 4, police officers conducted an operation to apprehend the suspect. As a result, Pativet «Heisenberg» Suwankiri, 42, was arrested. Drug manufacturing equipment and precursor chemicals were found and seized in his apartment, along with 20,000 ecstasy pills and 50 grams of crystal methamphetamine.

During questioning, Heisenberg tried to give evasive answers, police Gen. Manu Makemok told reporters. Pativet said he only sold drugs to tourists and ordered the chemical precursors from online dealers. However, police rejected both of the suspect’s claims because tourism in Thailand is virtually non-existent because of Covid-19, and the chemicals and tools needed to produce ecstasy and methamphetamine have been on the banned list for years.

In the end, Pativet admitted that he made the drugs in his home laboratory, using the knowledge he gained while studying organic chemistry at university. Investigators are now trying to identify more people involved in selling drugs in Thailand’s capital, as the home lab’s capacity to produce about 3,000 pills a day.

Bangkok’s Heisenberg produced 3,000 ecstasy pills a day Bangkok’s Heisenberg produced 3,000 ecstasy pills a day