Traders of live tiger cub arrested in Thailand

Thai police detained three men while selling live tiger cubs to fake buyers, the deal took place in a shopping mall parking lot

Traders of live tiger cub arrested in Thailand

On the eve of their arrest, police officers from the central province of Nonthaburi, together with the Department of Wildlife Conservation of Thailand, conducted an investigation which revealed that the identified individuals were illegally selling the protected animals via the Internet.

The police, posing as an interested buyer, led the suspects to conclude the transaction and set a time and place to meet to hand over the live goods. The cost of the four-month-old tiger cub, including delivery from neighboring Laos, was 400,000 baht.

During the transaction, a fake police buyer, with the help of his colleagues, detained the criminal group in the parking lot of the shopping mall. All three turned out to be locals, 23 to 40 years old, one was in charge of supplying the tiger cub from Laos, two were looking for buyers in Thailand. All of them were caught at the scene of the crime by a “live bait”.

The tiger cub was in a basket inside a Honda pickup truck, it was safely rescued and handed over to the Wildlife Authority of Thailand for further analysis and determination of its fate.

The three detainees were charged with possession and trafficking of protected animals without a permit. The detainees confessed to the crime and are now awaiting trial.