Three wives in Thailand — a happy marriage in the kingdom

One groom and three brides at an unusual wedding in Thailand — a man became the head of a happy polygamous family

Man in Thailand marries three brides at the same time

In the province of Nonthaburi, an unusual wedding ceremony was held that violated Thai traditions of marriage. On his 35th birthday, a surprise awaited the man when three women asked for his hand in marriage and gave him a dowry of 100,000 baht each.

The fiancé, who is a doctor of Thai traditional medicine, has been living with three “brides” in a polygamous marriage for many years and is raising nine children together, Tairat reporters found out.

Local healer Sui Suparek is a Brahmin by birth. According to Brahmin tradition, it is the woman who asks for the hand of the man in marriage, so the three brides secretly saved up money to propose to Sui and present a dowry on his 35th birthday. In addition to money, the women presented the future groom with gold and documents with land ownership.

The first wife, 30-year-old Nutcharin Phankat, lived with Sui for 16 years, starting at the age of 14, and has one son and three daughters by him. The second wife, 35-year-old Pitchaya Suraseruangchai, has been with a man for nine years and has three sons and one daughter with him. A third wife, 31-year-old Kavintida Kulapatchayapoum, joined the family seven years ago, and she and her fiancé have so far had one daughter.

The family of 13 lives together mainly due to Sui’s healing work, as he treats 400-500 patients every month.

The third wife, Cavintida, spoke of the agreement: “I want to unite the family. It’s a love we’ve hoarded for a long time, and our kids have grown up together.”

“I met my future husband at a tattoo contest. We got to know each other better, and he said that he already has two wives. Sui has always been honest and open with us and told me that he is a doctor and has children. The second wife asked me to join them, and I agreed to live with them under the same roof. We all help each other make a living and make ends meet.”

“The first wife asked for a second wife, and the second wife asked for a third wife. We respect and believe in Thai traditional medicine and we strongly believe in the word ‘compassion’ as a principle that makes our lives better. We learned that in Brahminism a woman must propose to a man, so the three of us talked and agreed to pay a dowry of 100,000 baht each.”

Apparently, the women in this family never argued or quarreled, everyone has clear responsibilities, and they support each other.

Polygamous marriages are not recognized by Thai law, but some people still practice this lifestyle.

Man in Thailand marries three brides at the same time

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