Thai passengers blocked from EVA Air flight to Taiwan due to Hello Kitty stamps —


Thai passengers blocked from EVA Air flight to Taiwan due to Hello Kitty stamps

Female Thai passenger, companions barred from EVA Air flight to Taiwan due to Hello Kitty stamps in passports

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A female Thai passenger and her travel companions were blocked from a flight to Taiwan by EVA Air last week allegedly because they had Hello Kitty stamps in their passports.

Last week, a female Thai traveler took to Facebook to tell her cautionary tale of being rejected entry to an EVA Air flight to Taiwan for having Hello Kitty stamps in her passport. She then included photos of three Thai passports with Hello Kitty stamps inside, indicating she was with at least two other travelers.

In Thai, she wrote that Hello Kitty was stamped on the last page of their passports, three of which can be seen in the photo. The Thai traveler wrote that they had traveled to many countries before with the Hello Kitty stamps in their passports without a hitch.

Thai passengers blocked from EVA Air flight to Taiwan due to Hello Kitty stamps

She said that once EVA Air staff members spotted the Hello Kitty stamps, they were prevented from boarding the plane. EVA Air employees told them that they were denied entry onto the aircraft because Taiwan’s airport immigration would not allow them to enter the country with such unofficial stamps on their travel documents.

The woman closed by saying that she “felt so sad.” She later removed the post from Facebook.

Thai Facebook users mocked the woman for her foolishness and said that “It is common sense not to do this.” Some Thai netizens pointed out the passport itself warns holders not to make any unauthorized modifications to its contents.

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